The Contributors

Shikerke Ababu

healing herbs in Africa

Pam Ahern

a kind choice

Jonathan Balcombe

fishes good behavior

Tim Beatley

biophilic cities

Sport Beattie

three types of people

Karen Becker

co-existing with weeds

Marc Bekoff

rewilding our hearts

Emanuele Biggi

that’s a cool toad

Frances Bodkin

having all we need

Richard Branson

be a force for good

Baba Brinkman

the biodiversity rap

Osvaldo Budet

puppets for the planet

Victoria Burrows

casting director to the canines

Natasha Burton

madness in Bali

Jonah Cameron

lemonade and a 10 yr. old

Claudio Campagna

we are what we speak

Seth Casteel

puppies for life

Rohan Chhabra

camouflage conservation

Carole Collet

give not take

Teagan Cowlishaw

slowing down fashion

Theresa Dankovich

the drinkable book

Ashley Day

harming or healing

Charles Day

a butterfly’s wing

Laurens deGroot

droning on for good

Dechen Dorji

wilderness within

Ian Douglas

biological buffer

Kelly Doust

don’t become a hermit

Jamie Durie

have a quickie

Dr. Sylvia Earle

‘hope spots’

Rosemary Elliot

no qualifications needed

Alexis Fasseas

leveraging your resources

Pauline Galiana

changing the curriculum

Peter Gilmore

living heirlooms

Dr. Jane Goodall

tragedy in trinkets

Mélanie Gouby

it’s not the planet that needs saving

Temple Grandin

biological system overload

Rodney Habib

honoring the vow

Erek Hansen

mr. green jeans

Paul Hawken

Project Drawdown

John Hewson

drive the debate

Graham Hill

small space, large life

Natalie Houghton

children are the message

Jennifer Holland

the not-so-easy to love

Melita Hunter

listening to others stories

Nadya Hutagalung

a small drop in the ocean

Rukshan Jayewardene

loving leopards

Chris Jordan

stand in awe together

Gary E. Knell

our best days are ahead

Jules Kortenhorst

no excuses

Ron Lameman

as long as the rivers flow

Harvey Locke

nature needs half

Simon Longstaff

the art of doing

Richard Louv

nature deficit disorder

Shirley Manson

it’s simple really

Kimberly Martin

paying the future

Mandy Martin


Juan Martinez

begin with your neighbors

Jo-Anne McArthur

remaining invisible no more

Derek McIntosh

talk tree talk

Jo McIntyre

creative empowerment

Leilani Münter

hippy chick with a race car

Fran Murrell


Dr. B. Natterson-Horowitz


Robyn O’Brien

moving the needle

Jean Oelwang

staying in eden

Rick Palmquist

find the song

Audrey Peterman

all hands on deck

Radhika Philip

recalibrating ‘progress’

Jill Platner

lasting a lifetime

Jasmine Poslinelli

the vain club

Alison Pouliot

regarding fungi

Dayne Pratzky

no fracking way

Louie Psihoyos

weapons of mass construction

Malcolm Rands

what’s in your bubbles?

Craig Reid

terminal optimism

Delissa Reynolds

preparing and sharing

Rick Ridgeway

don’t buy our jacket

Nancy Rosenthal

celebrate the wild

Jo Ruxton

your plastic flipper print

Elisabet Sahtouris

living the future now

Frans Schepers

the resilience of nature

Alokparna Sengupta

leaping bunnies

Angela Sheldrick

elephants in blankets

Peggy Shepard

climbing out of silos

Brian Sherman

speaking for the voiceless

Jennifer Skiff

never look away

Holley Sommerville-Knott

a youth revolution

Madison Stewart

good youth in a bad sea

Kristina Stockwood

germophobic environmentalist

Heather Swan

pure bee love

Bryant Terry

the 3c’s of change

David Thomas

don’t be ignored

Shonah Trescott

a window of opportunity

Paul Rodney Turner

master the tongue

Merlin Tuttle

the brilliance of bats

Thom van Dooren


Paul Watson

a planet called ocean

Kimberly Wells

take a closer look

Liz Were

water for all

Dr. Mary White

changing atmospheres

Sean Wilmore

finding the puzzle piece

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